Apple Country Vodka Still 2Apple Stills 3Apple Mill 1Apple Stills 4Apple Stills 2Apple Stills 1
Apple Country Spirits Stills 1Apple Country Spirits Stills 2Apple Country Vodka StillApple Country Vodka Still 3Apple Country Vodka Still 4Apple Country Pot Still 1
Apple Country Pot Still 2Apple Country Pot Still 3Control Panel and Spirits SafeSpirit SafeApple Country Vodka Still 5Apple Country Vodka Still 6


Photos from a recent visit to their distillery in Upstate New York.
They are currently make a apple based vodka and have a very nice applejack under development !

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Genesee Brew House Bar

Untitled by Spirits Review
Untitled, a photo by Spirits Review on Flickr.

Bar on second floof of new Brew House Museum/Restaurant

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Latest Reviews December 15th 2011

In Booze Books .com we just reviewed the Mr Boston Official Bartenders Guide 75th Edition (which now is so popular it is going into s 2nd printing already !) .
In Spirits Review we just reviewed Inca Gold Pisco, Heron Hill Riesling, George T. Stagg 2011 release and the Bols Barrel Aged Genever

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July through October Update

We have been very busy at Spirits Review till now- and we will continue to be busy but we finally decided to publish an update.
We have just finished updating our links section ( ) for the months of July, August, September and October.
We have also added a number of reviews, ( 53 total ) including but not limited to; white whiskey reviews, gin reviews, mixers, garnishes, vodka reviews, flavored vodka reviews, tequila reviews, rum reviews, bitters reviews, and cognac reviews, and been on a few trips (details and annotations of 100’s of photos to follow) .

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New Web Service We are Using to Create Best of Lists

Using Bagcheck ( to generate a lot of interesting lists and cross pollenate lists for Spirits Review. The Bag it function lets you grab things from a webpage or blog easily so it makes it a LOT easier to do those best of lists I’ve been meaning to write !
Not to mention all those other odd peripheral lists of every damn thing that crosses my mind.
It is also quite useful as a reference when researching all sorts of gear, computer apps and just general shopping .

Help others achieve greatness by sharing lists of the gear you use. Grow your own powers by discovering what gear others are using. What’s in your bag?
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Fathers Day Ideas from Spirits Review

A couple of quick suggestions for good spirits for Fathers Day.

If he likes tequilaespecially for margaritas,palms and such  I highly recommend Avion  Blanco  a fairly new tequila on the market so he probably doesn’t have a bottle yet. Another great one is Siembra Azul but it is proving to be much harder to find these days .
For Pisco hands down I recommend Macchu Pisco  an all natural, organic and more importantly ( to me ) a lovely tasting pisco (yes, they do exist)
For rum I would say the Diplomatico Reserva or Zafra among others such as the Ron Cartavio series.
For bourbons try anything from Buffalo Trace , but the Elmer T.Lee is a standout for the value among their portfolio. There are of course a number of new white dog whiskeys that are quite good also, and you can’t go wrong getting him a bottle of rye either. And don’t forget the craft distillery varieties ou there too- Finger Lakes Distilling makes some great bourbons and ryes if you can find them.
As to gins- Aviation is a great one, along with Ransoms Old Tom and Citadelle  Gin – especially the Reserve.
In cognac we recommend Louis Royer ( a very nice if very overlooked brand – especially their single growth bottlings) , Pierre Ferrand – all very nice and outstanding for the money, and Delamain as our favorite picks.

As a side note we are now using Bagcheck to write up lists of our favorite things (by category)and will be using it to do lists of spirits among many other things.

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Cap’n Jimbo can Kiss My Ass II

A further point I would like to make that as a professional rum judge I have tasted hundreds of rums and that when my scores are analyzed against almost any other judge they are quite consistent in terms of how I score a particular rum in each category. So I don’t see anything wrong with my perceptions. Also because of this knowledge and experience I like to write and review about rums I enjoy – not about the myriad brands of cheap crap out there. I don’t think it is ethical to solicit a sample from someone who I know before hand that I will mercilessly trash because their product is deserving nor can I afford to spend lots of money buying those brands so that I can pour a glass, review and trash them then pour it down the sink. I just don’t have that kind of money – because I don’t take money from brands for reviews. Not to mention I really dislike drinking cheap crap and try to focus on the positive. That’s why the scores of the rums I review tend to be high-not because I am “pandering” for free product. I shudder every time the Fed Ex truck comes to the neighborhood- I have no interest in just accumulating bottles of spirits-hell if I tried drinking all the samples I get I would have died of liver failure years ago-it’s just not a factor.
The same very much applies to ALL the spirits I review for all the same reasons – Hell I would go broke and die before I got through even 1/2 the vodka catagory never mind all the other catagories. If I had the money to buy more bad products believe me my website would have a large number of reviews that could be used as a thesaurus of loathing, disdain, and general negative adjectives and terminology. I would equal H.L. Mencken  in invective commentary. I just don’t have the money, time or will to tackle that – I prefer to highlight the rum and other spirits that I prefer and recommend for their quality and value – I don’t pander for booze nor do I ask for a sample of something in bad faith. Again if I know something to be bad before hand I will not add insult to injury asking for someone to ship me something at their cost so I can use it to write a scathing review. I think that is unethical and miserable way to behave therefore, I don’t do it. On the other hand if someone does send me a bottle of something I am not familiar with – the gloves are certainly off – it stands strictly on it’s merits good or bad – that’s just the way it should be and I stand by my decisions and opinions.

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