Cap’n Jimbo can Kiss My Ass

Just read you opinions of me.
First, Obviously you didn’t read the Bacardi reviews before writing about me that would have showed I don’t hesitate to trash bad spirits of any kind. Or maybe you did and you are taking Bacardi’s money and decided to trash me because I disliked their rum so much – something you completely forgot to mention in your statistical review of me. Interesting in both the fact you did not use these and the timing.
If you had you would have ruined the little graph you were using to try to slander me. Reality tends to interfere with such things. Also the timing after I trashed a series of rums by Bacardi and BEFORE you wrote this up makes me wonder about motives and pandering.
You also did not address the fact I , unlike a number of others  use a value vs cost scale where spirits can certainly lose points for cost versus value for the money. While s good number of expensive products may be good, they may not fare well at all on a value scale – which is just or more valuable as the quality overall score of a product..

The fact that you did not even ask me anything and just wrote a highly skewed piece of bile using convenient to you facts and ignoring others says to me you just want to elevate  yourself  by trashing other people.


About Spirits Review

Professional Journalist,Certified Cognac Educator, Spirits Reviewer and Judge, Mixologist and Consultant.
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