"We Don’t Have Things Like This In The Third World" III

“Tales crowd is doing its best to kill the night and greet the morning” Around 6 Am or so some stripper from a local club (sorry won’t say which) tried selling my English mate some methedrine (his accent marked him as not from around there and unlikely as law enforcement ). He had an outstanding rejoinder (no wonder he gets all the action) No, thank you. I deal in something much more dangerous – alcohol but I do it very responsibly (went on to explain bartending) chatted up the two pneumatic blondes quite nicely for a bit. Finally sometime after the sun rose and before it got to bright we all headed back to the hotel, another night gone and a new day at Tales beginning.

(Apologies for breaking the story up but it seems the only way to be able t0o post the photos Anywhere near where I want them.)


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Professional Journalist,Certified Cognac Educator, Spirits Reviewer and Judge, Mixologist and Consultant.
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