Spirits Review Blog

Spirits Review Blog

Hello to Everyone,

This is our first piece on this blog beyond the test we did earlier today.

Well we finally have started to get the webpage up and out there for the drinking public and we are of course already a bit behind.

We hope to have more reviews done this week and a RSS newsfeed set up in the near future to provide daily new content on our page.

We are also going to add a local link to review area purveyors whether they are bars, wineries or liqour stores . Whether we will be welcome in any of these afterwards is already open to question.

I did a scathing ( but much deserved ) review of one of Rochester , New Yorks brewpubs in both Beer Advocate and Pubcrawler the place is called Bru, is located on State St. in Rochester , and was a study in how not to run a brewpub.

If they don’t turn it around soon I think they won’t survive.

We did extensive tasting on Shakers Vodka this weekend and will be posting the results soon. I have to say it was one of the better vodkas I had in a while, all 4 of their products were well made.


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Professional Journalist,Certified Cognac Educator, Spirits Reviewer and Judge, Mixologist and Consultant.
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